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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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plus, the election is over, but meg whitman still caught in a maid mess. what her former nanny is asking for this morning. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, the 17th of november. i'm sydnie kohara. >> good morning to you, i'm juliette goodrich. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. tracy humphrey tells us about this cooling trend. >> good morning. it continues to cool down across the bay area. more cool temperatures in store for today and eventually a chance of rainfall moving into the bay area. so just when are you going to get wet? when will you need the umbrella? we'll take a look at your complete forecast coming up. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> all right, thank you, tracy. let's go out to san jose. accident on northbound 280 to southbound highway 17 connection ramp. a car flipped on its roof. the right lane was blocked. it's not a complete closure. it may be cleared to the right shoulder, traffic still light because it's early. more on the commute coming up.
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back to you. >> thank you. today protestors plan to rally against budget cuts and tuition increases in the university of california system. anne makovec is in san francisco, that's where the protests will take place in just a few hours. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this is where the uc regents are meeting this morning. and at 7:30, they are going to be hearing from uc students, staff members and teachers, as well. uc regents are talking about student fee hikes of up to 8% as well as wage and benefit cuts for graduate student instructors and staff. students say middle class families are being priced out of the system. that fee inch creases increases have narrowed the gap between public and private. uc was up 32% last year. tuition at private universities around the country rose an
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average only 4.3%. >> we would have never even considered private schools personally wouldn't be an option. some of them are waving their application fees providing financial incentives up front, scholarships. >> reporter: and it's not just uc students thinking of going private. the california state university system is also getting more expensive planning on raising tuition 15% next year, 5% this spring and 10% in fall 2012. the protest here starts at 7:30 this morning outside the uc board of regents meeting. and they are holding a march then at 11 a.m. >> anne, thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. antioch police investigating a deadly shooting outside a 7-eleven store. 21-year-old gregory flynn levy was found shot in his car before 9 p.m. last night. a second person in the car was not hurt. the shooter got away on foot.
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police don't believe it was gang-related but they believe the killer somehow knew levy. and this morning, an oakland congregation is trying to come to grips with the murder of a man just steps outside their church. it happened just before noon yesterday near the alan temple baptist church on 85th avenue. leon wilson ran outside of a ged class after getting a call on his cell. he was then gunned down by a person in a passing car. >> this is probably one of the largest congregations in the city and very popular church. we spoke to the pastor already and he is upset about it. you know, it is kind of outrageous. >> police don't believe the shooting was random. the suspect escaped that white car with a woman driving. this morning, church members will gather to discuss ways to promote violence prevention particularly among young men in oakland and in richmond. san francisco supervisors will be taking their time picking a new mayor so voters
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can have a say. gavin newsom becomes california's lieutenant governor in january. supervisors want to hear from the public and set up a process before they name his replacement. newsom has also raised the possibility of allowing the next board of supervisors to make the selection. four new board members take office january 8. and there is a chance ron dellums will quit his job as oakland mayor before his term ends january 3. the "chronicle" is reporting dellums may leave to take a lobbying job before the end of the year. dellums has cancelled today's scheduled state of the city address and will post it online instead. meg whitman's former maid wants more money from her old boss. mark sayre is in san jose where the maid and her lawyer will appear this morning to talk about getting back wages. hi, mark. >> reporter: well, good morning, nikki diaz says meg whitman still owes her $6,200 in wages and mileage traveled. of course, diaz the former
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housekeeper who took center stage during the gubernatorial election. diaz will appear here in san jose later this morning with her l.a. attorney gloria allred. that hearing will be at the california department of industrial relations. at a news conference in september, diaz recounted the end of her relationship with meg whitman. >> i told her that she knew that, and i don't have papers to work here and i need her help. [ crying ] >> i want her to help me get immigration attorney. >> reporter: now, diaz had worked as whitman's housekeeper for nine years until june 2009. meg whitman said that diaz had used her sister's social security number and whitman said she didn't know the housekeeper was undocumented. so this hearing here in san jose this morning set for 8:15 in the morning after which nikki diaz and gloria allred will be holding a news conference to update reporters on what happens inside this
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state office building. we are not, though, expecting a decision on the $6,200 today. >> mark sayre, thank you. 5:06. let's get another check of traffic and weather. so tracy what do you think, are these warm days behind us? >> yeah, say good-bye to the warm days for now. we are definitely going to cool dunn a little bit more today. out the door this morning, chilly in spots. we do have some patchy fog being reported well out in fairfield so we are going to keep that in the forecast for the morning and take a look at those morning lows. 38 degrees, that's in our coolest spots to 48. temperatures around the bay 45 to 52 with mostly clear conditions. and also mostly clear conditions along the coastline. for this afternoon, initially it was the 80s and then the lower 80s and then the mid-70s and today the lower 70s. mostly sunny today and cooling down all around. high temperatures around the bay have cooled down to the mid- 60s and cooler along the coastline, the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. first we cool down and then
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come the rain showers. when does rain arrive to the bay area? we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast in just a few moments. for your traffic this morning, here's elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. let's go out to the santa cruz mountains now. southbound highway 17 approaching idlewild we have an accident a solo spinout already cleared to the right shoulder but we are seeing some slowing on our sensors so watch out for that. chp is on scene. and then we have also been following this accident in san jose. it's on a connector ramp from northbound 280 to southbound highway 17. the tow truck out there now, they did clear it. it was blocking the right lane of the ramp so we never saw any ramp closures with it. and traffic is light fine on the main lines of northbound 280 out of downtown san jose. in fact, we have a camera right by that interchange. we can show you what it looks like. those headlights, that's northbound traffic. looks good along the peninsula, 101 and 280 both moving fine. take you out to the east bay and all your approaches to the bay bridge, so far looks great as you approach the pay gates, no metering lights yet.
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and same thing down the eastshore freeway and 880 through oakland. here's a live look near the coliseum as traffic passes through downtown oakland, san mateo bridge nice and quiet across the span in both directions, and mass transit is all on time. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:08. pizza night out with the kids turns into a nightmare. >> oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god, that's horrible! >> the frantic moments inside a chuck e. cheese caught on tape. what the robbers forced parents and kids to do in under a minute. >> all right. well, for some, it's the sound of a clean yard. but for others it's a nuisance. the push to ban leaf-blowers in one bay area city. three robbers.. hidden by hoods, ,,,,,,,,,,,, rule the tweet.
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another night across the bay area but we continue to shave down those temperatures. sausalito today 60 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. 65 in san francisco. 67 in san leandro. 70 degrees in danville. more bay area cities coming up and also, when rainfall arrives back to the bay area. i'll let you know in just a few moments. it is 5:11. welcome back, everyone. it took less than a minute. three robbers hidden by hoods, masks and gloves take over a chuck e. cheese restaurant and robbed everyone there. this video shows a robber holding a gun to a teenaged employee's head and forcing that boy to the ground. parents held on to their children as the robbers herd
5:12 am
$40 customers and employees all into a -- herded 40 customers and employees all into a back room. we showed the video to shock parents from the same restaurant. >> kids come here all the time and they stamp your hand and you think it's safe but when this happens, i don't know. that's crazy. >> no one was hurt, those three robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of money. newark police say it looks like they were experienced criminals who have done this before. time now 5:12. that's parties known for bumping beats and drugs will have to find a new home. last night the cow palace board of directors banned raves and similar events. it comes after drug overdoses at the venue including two deaths this year. it's not clear how long the moratorium will last. and it looks like residents in orinda will be hearing this sound. a group pushed for a ban to ban
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leaf-blowers because it is noisy, kicks up exhaust and particulates into the air. opponents say it's as loud as a lawnmower. but it was not passed. >> your mother likes her leaf- blower. >> she uses it a lot! [ laughter ] wouldn't it be nice to park wherever you want without having to feed the meter? why some city workers are losing one of their best perks. plus, new details on a proposed toll for commuters headed into san francisco from the peninsula. when you could be expected to pay. and we still have delays on highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains. details plus the rest of your morning commute crutch. -- coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning's top stories... our forecast for this morning will include some pretty cool temperatures out there, especially inland. take a look. 38 to 48 degrees. so it's chillfully spots. patchy fog also noted well inland this morning especially in our valleys. around the bay, mostly clear conditions with temperatures in the mid-40s to the lower 50s. and similar range for the coastline with mostly clear
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conditions. for this afternoon, mostly sunny skies, but we are still cooling down. highs inland in the mid-60s and lower 70s. around the bay, 60 to 65 degrees mostly sunny and cooler. also still pretty cool along the coastline. 57 to 60 degrees expected. but we're still counting on a whole lot of sunshine. high pressure system is technically still in charge. low pressure system is technically trying to move it out the way. today we have a cooling trend with sunshine. eventually that low pressure system is going to move that high out altogether and that's going to be the weekend forecast. plenty of clouds, also expecting a good deal of showers across the bay area, and cold temperatures. not cool. today's highs mid-60s in san francisco, 60 degrees in pacifica. 71 fremont. 71 san jose. upper 60s today in concord. record high on monday? today the upper 60s. 71 livermore. the mid- to upper 60s expected from napa to santa rosa to
5:18 am
fairfield. the lower 60s today in vallejo and san rafael, with 63 and 62 degrees expected. five-day forecast, we cool down a bit more tomorrow, more clouds expected. friday that's when we have a chance of showers moving into the bay area. a 30% chance of showers. 50% chance, more than 50 for the weekend saturday and sunday. and look at those highs. 50-degree temperatures for high temperatures across the entire bay area. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. out to the santa cruz mountains again. it sounds like this is in the clearing stages, i want to mention it again. we are seeing slowing on our sensors. southbound highway 17 right there before idlewild, everything is on the right shoulder but chp is there. more spectator traffic causing slowing more than anything but it is yellow meaning speeds under 40 miles per hour before idyllwild. we had an earlier injury crash where a car flipped over on its
5:19 am
roof near the 280 highway 17 interchange completely gone and traffic is moving fine through that stretch and all along the peninsula. 64 miles an hour across the golden gate bridge. 880/237 there was an accident approaching mccarthy eastbound 237. so watch out for that. chp on scene now. this is westbound traffic on 237 towards silicon valley and that looks great. and mass transit is all on time. everything is reporting no delay for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic and your weather. back upstairs to you.
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>> thank you. in the headlines some uc students and workers plan to proposed budget cuts and tuition increases. this comes as university of california regents beginning three days of meetings. a man is killed in a drive- by shooting. 46-year-old leon wilson was standing outside a baptist church around noon yesterday when was gunned down. today church members will discuss how they can do more to prevent violence. and the undocumented immigrant who once worked as meg whitman's maid wants more money from the whitmans. she and her lawyer will be at a state office in san jose this morning to try to get several thousand dollars in unpaid wages. no more free parking for san francisco city employees even when they are on official business. the muni board says they have to start feeding the meters like everyone else or their departments could buy annual parking permits that go for $924. the "chronicle" reports the end
5:21 am
of free parking for city workers could mean $2.3 million a year for muni. new details this morning on the proposed toll between san francisco and san mateo county. the san francisco transportation authority is considering a pilot program to test the fee. if successful, the tolls will become permanent in 2015. the plan is to turn the san mateo county board near a toll plaza charging rush hour commuters up to $6 each weekday. and a new lawsuit aims to block california from selling 11 state buildings. the lawsuit says the sale is unconstitutional because it includes court buildings. and the state judicial council has not given its approval. the plaintiffs are two men who were removed from a state buildings board after expressing concerns about the plan. the sale would raise more than $1 billion for state coffers, but critics say the state would actually lose money in the long
5:22 am
run. 5:21. it is called blackout in a can. >> i kind of like the drink. it's like an energy drink. you get real drunk. you don't have to buy a six- pack. >> this controversial energy drink is about to lose its jolt. how the feds are cracking down today. why you may still see it on the shelves.
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welcome back. check out this shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks great. we have no big problems on the road right now. there is a stall reported on the lower deck. but it's so early traffic is so light not really causing any big problems there. we'll have much more on your morning commute. traffic in six minutes. thank you. 5:25. last call for caffeinated alcohol. the controversial alcohol energy drink four loko says it's going to get rid of the caffeine. the company announced it will remove caffeine and two other ingredients from its products. today, the food and drug administration is set to announce a nationwide ban on drinks that mix alcohol with caffeine. >> good idea for younger kids. it looks like an energy drink. so it probably might not be a bad thing. enjoy the last one. >> several states have already banned the beverage. we have been getting your thoughts on the ban on facebook. we asked if you if you think it's too much big brother or
5:26 am
maybe a matter of personal responsibility. sue says i think it's both because there are mixed drinks with caffeine in them, too, that contain way more alcohol than those other drinks. it's about being a responsible drinker. >> kevin agrees saying, i think they have noble intentions, but at the same time, people need to learn to be responsible. all right. san jose one step closer to requiring a city license for any retail their sells tobacco products. the city council voted yesterday to have staff members prepare an ordinance. it would have each business pay $450 a year to cover the cost of enforcing state and local tobacco laws. more than 800 stores currently sell tobacco in the city and many of them object to the plan calling it another burden in a tough economy. 5:26. a string of robberies in the east bay has home owners watching their backs. >> what police say the victims all have in common. and they say they are pricing the middle class out of
5:27 am
a college education. what the uc regents are going to hear from protestors today. the election may be over so why will meg whitman's former housekeeper will be appearing with her celebrity l.a. attorney here at this san jose office building? i'll have that story. ,, [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month.
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good morning. it is wednesday, the 17th of november, i'm
5:30 am
sydnie kohara. >> i'm juliette goodrich. time now 5:29. protesters will protest against the uc system. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: i'm at ucsf mission bay where the regents are meeting. at 7:30 this morning they will be hearing from ing they will hundreds of uc students, teachers and staff. the regents are talking about student fee hikes of up to 8% as well as wage and benefit cuts for graduate students and instructors and staff members. students say middle class families are being priced out of the system. and the fee increases at uc schools have narrowed the gap between public and private schools. in fact, uc tuition went up 32% last year and now regents are considering that other 8% hike. meanwhile, tuition at private universities around the country
5:31 am
rose an average of only 4.3%. schools like santa clara university are now seeing a jump in applications. >> often times the cost at santa clara is equivalent to or in some case less than the cost for four years at a uc. >> reporter: and it's not just uc students thinking of going private. the california state university system is also getting more expensive planning to raise tuition 15% next year, 5% this spring and 10% in the fall of 2011. again the protests here start at 7:30 this morning and they are planning on marching at 11:00 as the uc regents meet. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. san francisco supervisors will take their time in picking a new mayor. gavin newsom becomes california's lieutenant governor january 3. supervisors want to hear from the public and set up a process before
5:32 am
they name his replacement. newsom leaves open the possibility of allowing the next board of supervisors to make that selection. four new board members take office january 8. antioch police need people to come forward to provide clues in a deadly shooting. it happened just before 9 p.m. outside a 7-eleven store on buchanan road. the victim is 21-year-old gregory flynn levy found shot in his car. a second person with him was not hurt. police say the shooter got away on foot, but they do not have a description. this morning, an oakland congregation is trying to dom grips with the murder of a man just steps outside of their church. it happened just before noon yesterday near the allen temple baptist church on 85th avenue. 46-year-old leon wilson was attending a ged class at church. he ran outside when he got a call on his cell phone and that's when was gunned down by a passing car. police don't believe the shooting was random. this morning, church members will gather to discuss ways to
5:33 am
prevent violence in oakland and richmond. home invasion robberies appear to be on the rise in oakland's diamond district. neighbors say police have told them there have been at least 20 in recent months. surveillance footage shows two suspicious looking characters loitering on one street. investigators believe they may have used a handgun to rob a man and his 10-year-old daughter friday night. >> now that we're seeing guns involved and the crimes are becoming more violent, people are being held hostage in their homes, it's getting to be really scary. >> many of the victims have been of asian descent. police say there may be several attackers including three people arrested after a high- speed chase monday night. police testify about a belligerent first arrest following last year's homecoming gang-rape in richmond. officers say manuel ortega threatened to stab them and said the 16-year-old victim wanted to have sex. ortega is 20 years old.
5:34 am
he was 19 at the time of last year's attack. several organizers accused in the gang-rape were under age and could be tried as adults. a south bay community is on the road to losing its label as a superfund toxic site. the epa says there is no more asbestos this declared alviso to be a superfund site 20 years ago. there is still some red tape before they're off the list, expected by the end of next year. the housekeeper who became an issue in this year's race for governor is trying to get back wages from her former boss, meg whitman. mark sayre is in san jose, where the former maid and her lawyer will appear this morning. good morning to you, mark. >> good morning, juliette. nikki diaz says meg whitman still owes her $6,200 in wages and also in mileage. she is the former housekeeper who took center stage during
5:35 am
the gubernatorial election. diaz will be appearing at a hearing here -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: at a news conference in december, diaz recounted the end of her relationship with meg whitman. >> after nine year, i realized at that moment that she didn't appreciate my work. [ crying ] >> and so she was throwing me like a piece of garbage. >> reporter: now, diaz had worked as whitman's house keeper for nine years up until june of 2009. meg whitman said that diaz had used her sister's social security number and whitman says she did not know the housekeeper was undocumented. they will come here to try to get the $6,200 today. there will be a news conference after the hearing. there will be no final decision
5:36 am
on this issue today. >> thank you. we're sorry for the little audio glitch. mark sayre in san jose, thank you. coming up on 5:36. let's go back to tracy humphrey with what we can expect weather- wise and love the warm weather, but it's achangin' out there. >> hope you enjoyed it, sydnie and juliette. we did have a nice stretch of warm temperatures. but it's all slowly coming it a close. yesterday, 79 degrees in santa rosa. 75 in san jose, 74 in concord, 70 degrees in san francisco. today, we continue with our cooling trend. we are cooling down through the weekend. we have the weekend forecast coming up. here's a look at your traffic with elizabeth. your traffic >> let's go out to milpitas. all our earlier accidents have all been cleared so we are
5:37 am
relatively quiet right now on our roads. i mentioned a possible crash on eastbound 237 through milpitas. chp never located it so nothing there westbound towards silicon valley looking great. these are all live traffic sensors that constantly update. six minutes 880 to 101. chp was working several different accidents a half hour ago but everything is cleared. here's a live look at the nimitz past the coliseum. no problems. at the altamont pass changing color on the sensors meaning speeds just under 40 miles per hour. about a 14-minute drive time from the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. there is a little bit of roadwork through this stretch of pleasanton in eastbound 580 between hacienda. some lane closures until 6 a.m. but it's still early, traffic
5:38 am
is light in the area, no delay. through antioch, some changing colors here, as well. so just starting to see our usual congestion past lone tree way. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. he is nicknamed the merchant of death. and now an accused russian arms dealer is in the u.s. to face terrorism charges. he was extradited from thailand yesterday where he was held for two years. he is accused of selling weapons to insurgents around the world since the '90s. russians said he was a legitimate businessman. there is a delay in president obama's efforts to get republicans and democrats to work together in congress. the white house is rescheduling this week's meeting with congressional leaders until november 30. republicans requested the delay because of a scheduling conflict. this will be the first time president obama meets with the bipartisan leadership since
5:39 am
republicans took control of the house. veteran newark congressman charles rangel should find out tomorrow how he will be punished for ethics violations. yesterday, a house ethics subcommittee found the democrat guilty of 11 counts of wrongdoing for improper fundraising and financial conduct. possible sanctions against the new york city congress manage include censure, fines and loss of house privileges. wall street hopes for a turnaround today after four straight days of losses. futures slightly high they are morning, the dow was down 178, nasdaq down 44. there are new worries about china raising interest rates and also about the growing debt crisis in europe. that's all driving markets down worldwide. it is a car lover's dream. we are live scoping out some of the hottest rides at this year's l.a. auto show. >> kicked off facebook last night? the bug that blocked some users from logging on. ,,
5:40 am
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from 15 leading brands,
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including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. good morning, out the door we are expecting some patchy fog well inland this morning and also chilly in spots. take a look at those temperatures. 38 to 48 degrees well inland. also, now adding patchy fog along the bay and the coast because we have had some reports of that for the morning so keep that this in mind. temperatures out the door 40s and 50s. this afternoon sunny and cooler -- again? yeah, still cooling down. 70s inland, 60s at the bay and temperatures near 60 at the
5:43 am
coast. so we're cooling down for everybody. here's what's happening. high pressure is giving us the sunshine. low pressure system digging in cooling us down and eventually that low pressure system is going to take over completely and that's when the chance of rainfall will enter the bay area. that's going to be friday, saturday, sunday, monday, you get the idea. dry for now but rainfall is on the way. highs in the north bay today in the mid-60s in napa and also in santa rosa. lower 60s in san rafael, 65 in san francisco. 60 degrees in pacifica. 66 in oakland. and the lower 70s in fremont, san jose, 71 degrees in livermore and the upper 60s in concord and in fairfield. five-day forecast a few more clouds expected for thursday, showers friday. good chance of rainfall saturday and sunday, monday and tuesday. and take a look at the temperatures. we went from the 80s to the 50s as highs across the entire bay area. that is your weather.
5:44 am
for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> for right now, we are good to go. everything is very quiet. no big hot spots out there. for a while university at shattuck were closed that intersection because of some police activity. all roads are now re-opened. so everything is very quiet there and around the rest of the east bay. all the approaches to the bay bridge look great. slight delays in one of the cash lanes but hey, that's not too bad. no metering lights and looks good heading into san francisco. we are going to do a bridge roundup. bay bridge looks great, san mateo bridge live look at traffic towards the toll plaza. and once you get past the toll plaza that's where our camera is that right side of your screen the commute direction. westbound 92 still clocking in around 13 to 14 minutes the drive time from hayward to the peninsula. marin county, southbound 101, delay-free problem-free all the way down southbound 101. one of our live traffic sensors there showing speeds about 63 miles per hour as you approach the golden gate bridge. you can see what it looks like
5:45 am
across the span. they did the lane change so now they have four lanes open to southbound traffic heading towards the pay gates and along the peninsula, 101 and 280, both quiet. no big hot spots and across the south bay we had a couple of earlier problems around 5 crock. especially near that 280/880 interchange. everything is cleared. tow trucks have left the scene. so everything looks good on all your major freeways in san jose. here's live look at the traffic on 280 out of downtown san jose. and mass transit is on time. if anything changes, tune to 740-am or 1:06 a.m., that's our radio partners. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. from v-8 to 600-horsepower to luxury cars sounds like a dream. >> sounds like you know what you're talking about. the 2010 los angeles auto show kicking off this weekend and that's where we find kent shocknek in the middle of all
5:46 am
the latest, greatest newest vehicles. ken, good morning. >> reporter: sydnie and juliette, good morning to you. if you're a car guy and that's a gender nonspecific term guy or gal, you're going to feel like a kid in a candy store here. we are in front. mazda display. this is typical of what happens at auto shows. the l.a. auto show with the world debut, this is the concept idea for where mazda styling will go in the future so we have all sorts of curvy lines. this is called the shenari. look at the creases. just beautiful sculpture even if you're not a car guy you are going to love the artistry at places like the l.a. auto show where they will be debuting 50 cars. the editor-in-chief of road and track magazine, matt what do you see? >> this is the future design direction for mazda. they have done this thing called nagare, sort of flow, kind of soft shapes, this thing
5:47 am
is really sharply creased, much of the more power to it. one of the things they want this thing to look is like a crouched animal ready to pounce. >> part of the idea of tension in japanese or another comparison we have heard is a bow that's been pulled taut before an arrow is shot. >> the designer is interesting. his father was the chief designer at mazda as well, did the original rx-7 so it's sort of coming full circle. he did the rx-8 and this is his future for mazda design. >> perhaps we'll see styling cues from this vehicle as well in the future. matt, thank you. so sydnie and juliette, take this car, multiply it by 50 for concepts and debuts of different vehicles, and then for that matter, multiply it by 1,000 because that's how many cars are here at the los angeles auto show, which opens on friday. >> all right. >> back to you in san francisco. >> kent, can you ask matt, like it, love it want some more of it? when would that car be available if it will be and how
5:48 am
much would it cost. >> reporter: the answer to the first question is whether will we see this vehicle in a showroom? probably not. will we see the design cues from it? yes. as mazda gets rid of the smiley face for the grill. if you have to ask, the answer is a vehicle would probably be in the 50 to $80,000 range. have i made that a big enough range for you? it may be less. i'm not sure. i'll ask. >> but listen, beautiful lines. that looks like my kind of car. i like it. kent shocknek, thank you, see you next hour. >> like it, love it want more of it, like that. >> from a country song. [ laughter ] traveling this season? more than 42 million americans expected to visit family and friends, up more than 11% from last year. the rebound follows a slowdown
5:49 am
because of the recession. an artist is putting the finishing touches this morning on a very unusual holiday tree in the east bay. check it out. it's a christmas tree made of 48 recycled shopping carts. it's at the bay street shopping center in emeryville. a southern california artist built his first one in santa monica 15 years ago. >> that's beautiful. >> it's been a tradition down there ever since. it's held together with post clamps. it takes three days to put up. it stands more than 3 stories high. so when you look at it from far away, it's beautiful. facebook says a glitch that deleted some accounts yesterday is now fixed. the complaints came rolling in after a system used to detect fake profiles actually targeted real accounts. only female profiles were affected. facebook says it's identified the problem and is working to reactivate all of those
5:50 am
accounts. 5:49. they disappeared quickly. we have answer behind the mysterious jellyfish on an ocean beach. >> plus it's like botox for your feet. how it can help some take away some of the pain from wearing those high heels. ,, rule the tweet. rule the bedtime. rule the upload. verizon built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon. right now, you can get a new samsung fascinate for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. only at verizon.
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okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate.
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yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.90 only from the postal service. sparked a fire at rocker neil young's warehouse. they say it started in a vintage investigators now know what sparked a fire at rocker neil young's warehouse, in a vintage car that was converted into a hybrid. the san carlos warehouse also had musical instruments, paintings and other classic cars. it's estimated last week's fire caused at least a million dollars in damage. young's representatives though say about 70% of what's left is salvageable. unusual but not alarming. that's what experts are saying
5:53 am
about those thousands of dead jellyfish on ocean beach. it was likely due to a combination of a large swell and an increase in the species population. the national park service says it will allow nature to take its course with the remaining jellyfish. more than 10,000 of them washed ashore saturday. they don't pose any health risks so you can walk on the beach. the best antibiotic treatment for common childhood ear infections is no antibiotics. 80% of ear infections get better in three days without medicine. in some cases, doctors say antibiotics do work faster but also raise the risk of side effects. a new procedure is giving women a shot at walking comfortably in high heels. it's called pillows for the feet, an injection that goes right into the foot. the shot is actually an anti- aging treatment used to plump
5:54 am
up wrinkles. doctors say as women make less estrogen which can cause the cushiony fat in the ball of the foot to thin out, the injection replace some of that padding. >> it's a filler that's used in the face, however we use it in the ball of the foot. >> i just want to be pain-free so i can walk. >> the injections aren't cheap though. out of pocket, $1,000 per foot. an average the effects only last about a year. are you speechless? wear flats. >> there are plenty of comfortable shoes out there and even high heels. you just keep looking for the right ones. the engagement of prince william and kate middleton still the big buzz. her engagement ring is an 18- carat blue sapphire with 14 diamonds selected from a 1981
5:55 am
catalog by gerard an american jeweler. >> that ring might look familiar t belonged to william's late more than princess diana. the couple will now sit down with advisers to start planning the wedding. still no worth on the date. 5:55. here's tracy with our forecast. got some changes. hey, trace. >> yeah, we got some changes, plenty of sunshine expected but temperatures, that's where the changes come in. they are cooling down. 60 at the coast, mid-60s at the bay and the lower 70s inland. those are high temperatures for all three locations. slightly more clouds on tap for thursday. chance of showers moving into the bay area friday. and saturday and sunday, could be a pretty wet weekend with cold temperatures. highs in the 50s. a few leftover showers still expected for monday and tuesday. our mypix photo: if you have a photo to share with us, by all means, send it
5:56 am
in to that's a look at your weather. back up to you. elizabeth has traffic. >> not much going on except for a stall now in hayward. southbound 880 approaching highway 92 is not causing any delay. that will likely change here. this is where we see congestion people heading towards the san mateo bridge but for right now we are still seeing top speeds but again that stall is partially blocking one right lane so watch out for that. otherwise if you are heading towards the san mateo bridge we can show you what it looks like across the span. i don't know why it's not showing in that traffic shot but traffic is moving across okay as you head toward foster city and the peninsula. we'll try another bridge. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. give it another 20 minutes or so and this camera will look different but for right now you are good to go heading into san francisco. and we are just learning of some possible ace train delays. 1 is on time, 3 is 15 minutes rates with signal issues
5:57 am
leaving stockton. otherwise bart, muni, caltrain are on time. back to you. >> thank you. 5:56. in the next half hour muni is feeling the hangover from the giants parade celebration. >> the expensive bill for the agency and what it never expected. dozens, even hundreds of people are expected to protest today outside a meeting of the uc board of regents. we'll tell you what they are so upset about and run some of the numbers coming up next. meg whitman's former housekeeper asking for back wages. i'll tell you what is expected at a state hearing in san jose later. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. she worked hard for the money, at least that's what attorney gloria allred is saying about meg whitman's former nanny. the demand she is making this morning. it's one fee hike after another. the ac s


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